Infant admissions

Nursery – children born between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019

The nursery provides 52 places (26-morning places & 26-afternoon places). Children requiring a nursery place may be offered a place between their third and fourth birthdays. Where there are more requests than places available, the school uses the selection criteria drawn up by The London Borough of Ealing

We also offer places to nursery children, where there are spaces, to children, the term after they become 3 years old.

Places are allocated by the school. Where there are more applications than places we will use the same guidance the Local Authority uses when allocation school places.

To apply for a nursery place, parents are asked to collect an application form for Dormers Wells from the office, complete and return it with the child’s birth certificate or passport and proof of address. Once the application form has been possessed by the office you will be contacted with a start date.

Starting school in 2022

Reception – children born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018

The school admits 30 children to each of our reception classes (90 in total). Please note that children currently in our nursery must to apply for a reception place directly to the Local Authority. There is no automatic right of admission from Nursery to the main primary school. Places will be offered according to the strict application of the Local Authorities admissions criteria.

Children are admitted to the reception classes at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

If we are oversubscribed (our maximum intake is 90 places), the London Borough of Ealing Admissions Section will allocate places using the following criteria. These are listed in priority order:

  • Children in public care (those looked after by a local authority under section 22 of the Children Act 1989).
  • Children who have an exceptional medical, social or educational need that requires their attendance at a particular school
  • Children who have siblings already attending the school
  • Children living closest to Dormers Wells Infant and Junior School.

Please visit the London Borough of EALING Primary Schools Admissions site. Go to for their step to step guide, you make your application via

Before making your application:


Submitting a late application greatly reduces your chance of getting a place at our school. 

If you do not live in the London Borough of Ealing, you must apply through your own council. 

The school admissions team can assist you with any inquiries you may have in relation to school admissions on 020 85711230 or e-mail If parents are finding completing the on-line application form difficult, the office will make an appointment for someone to help them.